Crystalina • Love being a mommy!!! Welcome to our baby girl, Marceline❤️
So I'm 5 months pregnant. Found out on my hubby's birthday last year and I thought this would be an amazing journey considering this is our first. He has been a total dick the whole time. Wen we first got to see the baby his reaction was," hmm that's cool." I mean even the doctor was surprised at his reaction. Everytime we go to an appointment he has this face on like can we go home yet. We listened to the heartbeat for the first time two weeks ago and he was just blank face normal. He dosent treat this like a blessing and a nice time to have together. He restricts me from eating cause he thinks I'm getting fat, he acts over protective with some things but that's cause at the end of the day he wants something. And he gives my boobs attention but not the belly. He hasn't rubbed/touched or talked to it cause he says that that's not the baby that's just fat, he'll touch my tummy when that fat disappears. He tells me he wants a girl( so do I) but he wants it only for that fact that if we have a boy he'll be touching his tools and he doesn't want that. Like it's only convenience that he's thinking about. I'm just totally hurt that this whole experience is ruined by his stupidity. I tried talking to him and it even came into a few recent aeguments but he just apologizes and continues with his selfish ways :( I just don't know what to do or say anymore