My story is never ending..

Stefanie • I`m 28 years old and happily married and have 4 children. 3 girls and a newborn boy!
Or so I feel like. So now I regret telling my doctor that my first blood draw came back at 13. I originally had a sonogram appointment for February 10th when I would be 6 weeks. When I went to the doctor yesterday, I told him about my first blood draw was at a 13. He basically said that I wouldn't even concider that pregnant. Prepare for a chemical. He also cancelled my future appointment in February that I had! Even when my urine test showed a faint positive at the drs! I hate myself for even mentioning it now. Now, I have to wait until Monday and HOPE I have high enough levels for him to give me my appointment back! So yea, I will be peeing on sticks all weekend to make sure that line is still there...this is the only time I will say I hate having to wait for test results..FML