I could really use some insight and support so confused

How long after u stop birth control should u start your period... I was on bc for 2 months the first month i missed alot of pills but had my normal period just a little heavier... Last month was my second month i only missed 4 maybe 5 pills throughout the month, i was supposed to start my period on the 19th i spotted a very very small bit on the 18th but nothing more... I am now on day 42 of my cycle i have been off birth control since the 20th should i start my period soon? I have taken several pregnancy test some come out with a faint line within the time frame but the line disappears completely i cannot get a solid yes or no... I know i need to go to my dr. I just wants some advise n to see if anyone has delt with this.(learn more on Glow: https://glowing.com)(learn more on Glow: https://glowing.com)