Just not feeling myself lately😢😟😔

Jocelyn • married, Mother of 2🩷💙
Lately I been having all these mix feelings! These mood swings that are driving mix. And no my period is not coming yet and all this been happening since last month. I go from being emotional. Sad crying for no reason or something very simple to being angry and feeling like punching someone in the face! People been asking me why am I so moody. Why am I mad or answering them pissed off and honestly I don't even know! I'm just tired of all this of my back hurting of not being able to sleep at night but always feeling tired/sleepy. I'm sick of headaches. Getting pimples on my face back and chest and even back out of no where. Of itchy sore breasts & nipples. All I wanna do is cry right now but I'm also mad and I don't know why! WHY!! Is this happening! All these changes out of the blue. This isnt me! 😩😢💔😡😭