Long story - my past.

Kirsten • Im Kirsten, & I'm a mommy to Jazmyne
I'm warning you this may be long..
When I was 13 years old I was with a 17 year old, we were together for 7.5 months. That entire relationship was all about sex, but me being only 13 I didn't know any better. He was a compulsive liar and had many issues wrong with him. His mother raped him, his older brother beat him on numerous occasions! Our entire relationship he forced me to have sex, but like I stated before since I was only 13 I didn't know it was "rape," in sept 2012 his father committed suicide because of the whole issue between his son and myself, plus his father and I were really close!
This all happened Oct 2011-May 2012! At one point I recall his nephew bringing us a condom and my ex and I going out to the woods on his property and he'd try to get me to ride him and I always disagreed! Some times he would leave me out in the woods undressed and freezing!! He never loved me! But I loved him. In June 2012, I called cops (mom did actually) and the sheriff told me jails were too full and he wouldn't be charged. Now I have to deal with the rest of my life knowing I was raped and I cannot trust many people anymore. Fast forward to Aug 12, 2012 when I got with my fiancé (16yrs old) and in April 2013 we had an unexpected miscarriage the pregnancy wasn't planned & neither was this current one.
Now I also have to live with knowing that he could be out doing this to other women! I'm sickened!! 
I just wish cops would charge him! I only didn't continue because I was told if I had any contact with him I'd get arrested 😞 pathetic. And I only didn't break up with him any sooner because I didn't want to break his heart. 
I could punch myself for it too!!!
Sorry for long rant just had to!! DO YOU THINK HE SHOULD BE CHARGED?!