I'm posting anonomously because I'm not comfortable telling all this at the moment and I'm sorry if that irritates someone. But....Anyone on here have hypothyroid? And happily and successfully conceive? Any meds other than a synthyroid that you were prescribed? Or any info you found helpful you would like to share? I have a doctor appointment soon and any information you can share that I can talk to her about would be helpful!! I'm honestly worried that I won't ever be able to have a child!!! Me and my husband very much want one and have been trying unsuccessfully for months now and the pressure of our families always asking when we are going to have a baby doesn't help!! I was so stressed once when they asked and I literally yelled "probably never!!! I don't even know if I can have one!!!" And the whole family was there staring at me like the crazy woman I was at the time!! At this moment I feel as though I could be pregnant? Having some symptoms but they can also be period symptoms too!!! Ugh!!! But I'm 5 days late and as some may know my hormone levels may be off and that could be it too!! Taken a few HPT and all BFN!!! So just curiously I took 2 ovulation tests and they were BFP? If I'm not pregnant is that a good sign? I mean my hormone levels have to be good if I'm getting positive OPKs right?? I'm seriously lost and yes I'm going to be talking to my doctor in a few days but any advice or tips are welcome!! Thank you in advance!!!