Do you ever get angry-jealous when you see underage kids, drug addicts, neglectful parents, and irresponsible people announce pregnancies?

You have your entire life in order, an education, a place of your own, a loving SO, but you ttc and it seems everyone can but you; adding insult to injury, the people who get pregnant around you do not need children, nor can they properly care for them. I will give the teen moms a little leeway because accidents happen when you're young and full of hormones- plus they could turn out to be great parents. But when you cannot seem to have a baby and just suffered a miscarriage it is so painful to see an ex roommate who abuses and neglects the son she already has announce it's a boy, seeing ex friends who were on heroine when they conceived have a painless pregnancy, or a couple who are only 18 and already have three while living with grandma...come on! There's this silent jealous anger. Hopefully I am not the only one who experiences this? Jealousy is such an ugly color.

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