am I exaggerating???? or being used ???? or whatttt !!

Hi girls, I need your opinion so I can know if I'm making a big deal from a stupid thing. I started my education before some months and since I have started I always felt unhappy with my studying and I tried to talk to my bf about it for twice, but he never asked me about how is everything going or if everything is going better. Now we are having our final exams and My first exam is in 3 days and I can't study or concentrate since I'm feeling so "under pressure" and not loving what I do and my parents are all against me and blaming me because they wanted their daughter to study and get the degree that they always wanted. 
So today I was crying and so frustrated (I'm in one of the hardest colleges in the world and all the people there are like "wimpy kids" since all what they do in life is studying science so I have no friends at all coz I'm not like that) so since I have none to talk to I tried talking to my bf and he was like "okay then leave the college" and he didn't ask or cared for it the whole day. Now it's mid night and he is on Facebook so I decided to text him and tell him that I wanted him to make more effort or maybe care a little bit more and ask about how I'm feeling now or do anything to make me feel better (since I'm also sick and on my period) but he just got so angry and he was like "this is your problem and you should rely on yourself and solve it by yourself because I'm not a superman and I'm going to sleep now, bye" and he blocked me !! 
Am I exaggerating? It's like .. he knows that my family is all against me and I have none but him !! I just wanted him to show me some care and affection so maybe I would feel better ! But he completely doesn't make any kind of effort and he gets angry !! ( btw we are both 20 years old and we are about 2 years together and it's been annoying me for the whole two years that he doesn't care for me nor makes any effort and he is not a good listener either and always gets angry if I tell him that something is bothering me. In those two years we didn't go out for a public places more that 5-8 times and we saw each other only once a month to have sex in the car and all what he said about this was that he's not a public person) I DONT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS SHIT!!!