Too much lube

I've been looking up answers which only lead to outrageous plossible sexplanations that I have a hard time believing. 
When my boyfriend are late into the night and decide to do the naughty, I find that we are using a lot of lube, and even with lube it can feel uncomfortable. Now, he isn't my first, and I know what sex is supposed to feel like. Yet, with him it hurts half the time or is just uncomfortable a quarter of the time. Only a small portion of the time does it actually feel good.
I've gone in and told my doctor about it which she did find a yeast infection but it was only it the early stages and got that cleared up real fast. (STD report came back negative too) Now that it's gone and no other explanation to result to about why I am using more than my fair share of KY only to have it MAYBE work out? 
Is there anyone out there who can help? Is this normal to have it feel like an Indian burn on the inside and be using handfuls of lube after lube in 1 session? Otherwise is there any other reasons to this? Anything would help, thank you!! 😘😘😗