My Boyfriends BestGuyFriends😒😞

My boyfriend loves me ... and I love him. His best friends know that... everyone knows that because we're always together and he is always sleeping over... or I'm always sleeping over at his house. My boyfriend one day told me that his best friends told him that he was lucky cause he had the hottest girl out of all of them.. and he just said ok. Anyways I was asleep one night at my boyfriends house and his guy best friends where there in the living room sleeping.. I woke up because I got hungry and told my boyfriend I was hungry and that I wanted tacos he got dressed and said to lay down because I wasn't feeling good and that he would go buy me some it was around 2 in the morning.. I closed my eyes and next thing you know his best friends come like 3 and they try to touch me... of course I didn't let myself and ran out and got out of house and waited for my boyfriend in the cold.. I was so dizzy and finally my boyfriend got there with my tacos and asked me what happened... I told him.. and he got so angry and sad he just went in there and kicked them out and never talked to them again... 😡😢