devasted after husband emotional affair

I can't express how heart broken I am. I found out my husband had an emotional affair with a coworker and has been the worst on our marriage, he was texting this other lady numerous times during the day, in one day they exchanged 70 texts according to him (job related) but wasnt true! They were getting in that stage where people beofre dating wanna know everything about the other person and they act like they need to text about everything!!!! And of course some of the texts sounded really flirticious!!! There was one conversation that I felt really bad about because he had a job interviewed and he texted her asking her for luck  and she would be like all supportive telling him how many good qualities and that he didnt have to worry about cause he was amazing! When at the day at the same time I would be texting him and he would tell me he was busy. The worst thing came when I caught him and I got his text messages contain and he got nervous and confessed that they went together on my jeep to a job conference and that day he called me to ask me if he could spend extra money to go on arcade which now makes me think he wanted to go with her cause they were together. I made him finish this on a text message and he didnt instead he said he did it on person, cause he said it would be akward, so I end it up doing it myself and i texted the girl. 
Since then he has been good, he has been very patient with me when somedays I get crazy as I still feel hurt, we started  to go to counseling, but the only thing he hasnt done that makes me feel crap he doesnt change his job,  now as you read before he WAS looking for a job before I found out about this, but now after all this drama he is just NOT into looking for a job!!!!!! and they still work together on daily based in the night shift!!!!!!!!!  There's 2 or 3 hours where they are completely alone at 2am on a warehouse. See what Im saying!!!!?? I CANT get over this, I cant sleep I feel completely insecure, its killing my marriage this situation!!! Please I need an advice!!!!!!!!