Funny little story...😂

Anne •
So I'm 8 weeks pregnant and we haven't told all of my husband's family yet because they're several states away and we want to tell them in person (this will be the first grandchild on his side). We're going up to visit in a couple weeks, when everyone's schedules best allowed. 
In the meantime, my hubby (who is awful at secrets) has been doing Weight Watchers. He calls his grandfather a couple times every week to catch up with him. Today while they were talking, hubby told Grandpa how he's lost ten pounds. Grandpa says that's awesome, and asks if I've been losing weight too. 
Without thinking, hubby starts to say, "Well, she's actually gained about four pounds, but that's understandable, considering." He gets as far as the "she's gained four pounds" and realizes he can't finish that sentence without revealing too much, and so he just awkwardly stops there. 
Grandpa just kind of says, "Oh."
So for the next couple weeks till we get up there and tell everyone, Grandpa's gonna think I'm over here pigging out while my hubby tries to lose weight. 😂😂😂 
 My BMI is like 19.8 so weight's not a concern of mine, I just found it really hilarious how that conversation worked out.