Wiping tooshies.

I baby sat one of my nieces yesterday. It was my first time watching this one. She's 6, but when she goes to the bathroom she comes in the livingroom where I am and tells me I need to come wipe her butt. Not in a help me tone, but laughing and saying "you know what you have to do!". She's spoiled, I just didn't realize to the degree where my sister was still wiping her ass at 6 years old! I told her to wipe herself, which resulted in "I can't" to "I don't know how". So I went in there to show her how.

I need to say how absurd this is to my sis, but I don't want to hurt her feelings I guess. But still! She has a son who was wiping at around 3, and none of my other nephews and nieces, nor my kid needed help at all beyond 4. She's a very intelligent kid and a little smart mouth. She's not sick, she can use the bathroom perfectly aside from that. I can't believe my sister's done this for her the whole time! I almost think the kid was just wanting to be annoying. She does all kinds of crap to get attention. In fact, last week or so I saw her beating the neighbors dog with a stick when I drove up. I need to just say something in general about her behavior, but where do I start??