So upset.

I feel worthless and useless. I'm 22 & my "bf" is 27. He has a 2 year old son and works an average job.. makes a little over 11 dollars. He has his own place and pays his own bills, like normal. He works overnights and I watch his son while he's working. I don't have a job and it's making him have doubts about me because he needs more. I have herniated disks and scoliosis and any job I have that I need to stand for long periods of time, I can never end up keeping. It's just too painful. But I don't want to lose him. I decided to get any job, deal with the pain and consistently go to a chiropractor. It still isn't convincing to him and we decided to give each other space for awhile. I want to get a job and make things right but I like in the middle of nowhere, there's honestly nowhere hiring or local to work. I feel like such a low life.