he's not there

My bf is military and stationed very far from me. I love him but lately work has been busy for him and I've been having a lot of problems. It takes days to hear back from him and he's just at his base pulling extra hours not deployed. Ive been having a lot of trouble re-adjusting to us being separated again because he recently got leave and was able to spend a few weeks with me. That sort of threw me off for school at the beginning of the semester. And on top of that the person at work whos job it is to have ny back and help me make it so I can reach my deadlines not only doesn't but openly admits its not a priority to them. I want someone to talk to abut Ive had this thing since i was like 11 where I really don't like being not okay around people because I used to get bullied for crying a lot. I trust him and am okay with falling apart around him it's just that I hardly hear from him. I don't know what I want to do. Looking for input/advice please 
I broke down and texted him. He said we can Skype tomorrow after work for both of us (I'm working late all this week) and that if things are bad he has somethings to do at home and he can text and respond for. I got a lot of what's been on my mind out there and mostly a lot of him saying that's he's sorry. Still have more to get off my chest but ges back at work now.