Help: I'm feeling very overwhelmed and starting to worry! At my last appointment I asked my doctor to be induced at 40+1, she said she would however there are risks with an elective induction. I am a first time mom and only been dilated to a fingertip. However cervix is softening. Only reason why I want to be induced a day after my due date is because if I wait until the following week, 41+1, my SO can not get off of work. I would be laboring by myself without him. Is it reasonable to be induced at 40+1 or no? I just need some support, I'm a first time mom and don't want to make a poor decision. I don't know if the unknown scares me, that that the risks make me more nervous but my doctor said she would do it and wasn't against it. So if it truly wasn't going to be healthy she would tell me to wait, correct?