Family hates my soon to be fiancé

ayoungechrist, • 21 year old artist pregnant with my first :)
(I posted this in the wrong category previously, if anyone has experienced anything like this please share your thoughts/experiences) 
My SO and I have been together off and mostly on for three years now and we are currently trying to conceive and planning on becoming engaged by the end of this year. Previously, we had a lot of issues because of my bipolar disorder and anxiety, which led to a problem with anxiety meds that he helped me to overcome. When we first got together, my family hated him because he is in a lower class than I was raised in and they don't think he is good looking (they're rather shallow). Being very family oriented, this bothered me so much that it began to take its toll on our relationship which I deeply regret. We are finally happy together and in a healthy relationship that I have no doubt will last a lifetime.  My mother has told me that if we were to be together again, she would completely alienate me and make sure that everyone else would too, which she has already done before. I understand that I need to make a decision between my family or starting my own family, but it is so saddening to me thinking about being away from my siblings and parents. 
I have been told it will most likely be very difficult for me to get pregnant which is why we are trying while I'm still in my early 20s. 
What I'm wanting to know is if anyone else has had a family who hates their SO so much that it has caused major issues in their life. I am trying to start a family with the man I love but I do not want to lose mine in the process. Ultimately I will have to choose between the two, but I am wanting advice from someone who somewhat understands what I'm going through and if your family came around eventually for the sake of your child. 
 Me and my b 💕