Stories on light AFS when usually heavy (doesn't have to end in BFPS)

Just wondering of the stories of any off AFs you've had and if you knew what causes them to be so light or werid.
My cycle days changes the last two cycles and now apparently back to 28 days, however it's been super light almost just spotting no flow and only cramps the first two days, this spotting of pink brown red and even an orange tint has been going on 7 days (again it can stop for a while and pick up but only enough for me to notice when I wipe) which is normal for me to have a longer period however it isn't as heavy as normal AF
I don't think I'm pregnant because I've taken two tests and I don't think it'simplantation  either because it has been longer than 2-3 just extremely light.
I wanna hear tour AF stories did you track it after as a normal AF?