plus size fear

Am I the only plus size chick here that always worries. Like this probably sounds dumb but I constantly worry about my weight affecting furniture, the vehicle, etc. I even worry about laying in bed with my spouse with my kids in the bed with us and we either break the bed or go through the floor. And I will not ride any ride because I fear I am too big. I hate going shopping it seems like nothing fits. And then I think omg how can my thin husband even like being with me or like my body or want sex with me... I've always been over weight but after having 2 kids and pregnant with the third my confidence is so low right now... 😩 anytime I look in the mirror I think omg look at that whale! I can't wait till I have this baby to push myself to lose the weight! I wish I was more comfortable in my own body.'and do you all think my fears are real and understandable or just ridiculous
These pictures range from when I was 16 years old at my lightest before kids and then the last 2 are most current which I am currently 25 years old. I just feel so sad because how bad I look I know I am the only one who can change it and after I have this baby I'm going into over drive to lose this weight. And I've gained since I've become pregnant I'm about 24 weeks along so I've gained at least 10lbs 😓