Anyone have problems with your family (immediate or in-law)?

Leah Margaret • 3 children to adore, and adding one more! My fiancé Craig and I are expecting pink bows on 06/04! 🎀
I have a large background to go with this. But right now I'm having issues with my own mother being understanding of anything I'm going through (vague I know) and also having issues with her comparing everything to herself. I will post more later but I'm just curious if any one else out there is having any type of issues with their families? For example my mom is constantly asking for favors, rides, money, etc yet when I ask for something simple (like a ride to an ultrasound appointment that she WANTS to go to; she agrees when originally asked-about 4 weeks in advance- then turns it into me having to give something for the ride. Yet when she asks for rides we take 25 minutes to go to her house, do what she asks and then drive back home, having to pay 10$ in gas each time because we have a '91 Camaro.) I'm not sure how coherent this poll is but I want to know if I'm alone in this. I'm constantly being told "we're family" when she needs something (when her or my brother need something), and if I can't do it it's as if WW3 as erupted. But I ask a simple question or favor weeks in advance, with the comparison of asking 1 favor to her 10 and I get treated like crap or have to pay. They are the number one cause of stress in my life, but they are my only family as I am not at all involved with my father or his family at all (for most of my life and then as an adult I made a conscious decision to remain out of his family). I'm just so lost, depressed, let down, CRUSHED.... please if you have any advice or any relatable instances please let me know I'm not alone. 
And if you would like to know exactly what happened to push me to post this let me know and I will explain. 

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