Am I wrong?

Autumn • Pregnancy freaks me out
On my baby shower my uncle game me 200 bucks, he put it in my hands. Me and my boyfriend agreed to only use it for whatever the baby will need when he is here. I'm hones I don't have a job at the moment because I'm pregnant an am craving things so I took a 20 out and got myself a salad actually I got two and a bag of grapes. My boyfriend asks me why is there a 20 missing I tell him the truth because I have no reason to lie I wanted a fucking salad all the times I asked him he always says he doesn't have the money or that we have food at home. The only reason the money came up is cause I have it all in a separate wallet an he went to get us food an says his card isn't working because the back part is getting all messed up so he asked for it. Now hear me out I'm not mad he is using some of the money for food because I did the same but I'm only posting this because after I told him he took the rest of it an put it in his wallet an gave me this look an breathe really heavily like he's pissed. Am I in the wrong for this I just need to know because my emotions got to me an I cried a little because it's not his money technology it's mine but knowing him I'll never see that money again because it's in his wallet an I don't just go through his wallet for any reason. I know my boyfriend he well we like to smoke but he smokes way more then I do an when I say smoke I mean weed but I stopped because I'm pregnant. But I just feel like he will get weed with that money an I will be pissed. I'm sorry this is so long I just needed to let it out.