Troubled kids😤

I usually adore little kids, but my neighbor! My goodness it's a different story. He throws things at my house, he'll ring the door bell and run (i Catch him every time) he threw a rock at my window and blamed his 2 year old sister!!! He'll tell his little friends to kick the ball at my car or the house and run after like it's cute and funny. I already talked to his mother, but she's in denial saying she "didn't raise" her son that way. He's about 6 maybe 7 so he should know better not to be doing this kind of stuff. And to pressure his friends to do it too he has trouble written across his forehead. Any ideas on what I can do??? Any help advice please this has been going on for the past 3 weeks now I'm overly annoyed with this kid.


Thank you ladies! I'll definitely be following your guys advice!