Constant sickness and losing weight at 15weeks

Hey Ladies, I want to post this in case any other mommas are in the same position. 
Sickness hasn't stopped. Nausea is constant from 8weeks to 15. I have a little bump but I have lost 10lbs in weight. 
Incase this sounds like you, make sure you go to your Doctor straight away. Let your midwife know. The Dr will run some tests to make sure you are not dehydrated (normally a wee sample and results are instant). They may prescribe you some anti-sickness tablets (up to you to take them). If you are dehydrated, they will want to put you on an IV drip to get some fluids in you (may be a 2 night stay at the hospital). 
Try and find out what you can keep down and eat or drink lots on that! (For me this is lollys and ice pops). Small sips of water, eat fruit or food with plenty of water in it. 
Prayers go out to those mommas suffering. I would also invest in a "Sea-Band" which helps against morning sickness and nausea xx