positive or negative?

Nessie • 💐
Hi! My name is Sonia, I'm new to this app. My fiancé & I have been TTC for 6 months (this month will make 7) and we finally got something! Last night I tested and within 7 minutes the test looked like this. I know it's bad to wait after 3 minutes but I took it and was to nervous to look! (it could have showed up sooner but I didn't look). I've done so much research and many websites are saying it's just a evap line because there's no color that I can see. I inverted the picture to see if there would be any color in the second line and there is! But it's hardly visible by just looking at it. I did take another test this morning and it came back the same! Needing help ladies! Please tell me your brutal and honest opinions. Thanks! 😊