Baby name

Ok, this is going to be long. I am struggling to decide on a baby name. This if my second child. First boy. And I want 2 more after this one. I don't think it will be my last boy either. (Strong boy genes on the hubby's side)
As per tradition with my husband the first born boy is named James ..... and goes by the middle name. So, I have two names picked out. James Alan or James Eli. James Alan has a TON of meaning and significance to us/me. I have a late grandfather I never knew named Alan. It pulls on my heart strings to have a son that is named after that grandfather as well as many grandfathers on my husband's side. But when I think of calling my son Alan, it just doesn't feel right. I feels old fashioned. Not trendy. My daughter is Leila. 
Eli, has no significance other than I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name. But like I said, I will most likely have another boy and I feel like I could use that on another child. I could use Alan too but it wouldn't be the same huge significance I don't feel like. Being named after only 1 grandfather and not 2. 
And my second boy will go by his first given name. Not his middle name. Thoughts ladies?