A little hope for those miscarrying 💗

Nicole • We have one 2 year old boy. Conceived him the first month trying. Ready for one more ?
Just wanted to tell my story. I found out in December, after only trying for one cycle, that i was pregnant! Everything was going fine until 6 weeks when my ultrasound showed a sac but no baby. I miscarried at 6 w 2 d naturally at home. I was so devistated. My doctor told me that i could try again right away. So, after six days of bleeding i started doing opks. I used my first day of my miscarriage as cycle day 1. Cycle day 14 came with a positive opk fast forward to 10 dpo and i am pregnant again!! Dont lose hope ladies and try not to put yourself down. It can and WILL happen! Good luck ladies. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨