Rant sorry :/ just needed to

Annelise • Mom of 5
So my husband was talking to his sister an brought up how her boyfriends sister started messaging him on fb. She was looking for sympathy because she's pregnant with her 2nd an once again doesn't know who her child's father is. In the beginning she was actually flirting with him saying how she wishes she got with my husband before I did so that he was taking care of her an her kid instead of being with me. This girl is seriously messed up. Aside from sleeping around an getting knocked up she also parties a lot and act like she hates being a mom. So anyways my husband being the guy he is and not really liking her was like "oh that sucks. I'm happily married an my wife is expecting our first son." He just brags about how happy he is. So when she didn't get the response she wanted from him she went off saying how dumb an young we are. How we got married too young and that we aren't ready to be parents. She tried comparing us to his sister, by saying how her bf is older then both me an my husband an they didn't have a child until being together for 4years. Me an my husband dated for 2years before got marrie but she says that's too early. I kinda laughed it off to my husband saying "you know what at least we have a home and planned our son. She doesn't plan her children nor does she want them but still lives at home with her parents. As for his sister I have no problems with but to say she's better then us when she was bouncing from different families homes before an after they had their son is just ridiculous." He agreed with me saying we are better off then all of them an they shouldn't be judging us. It's just hard because I can play it off like it's whatever but it actually bothers me that no matter how well we are doing we are still put down by people who don't even try to better their own lives. Sorry for this rant. I just needed to get it off my chest because I feel so stupid for letting it bother me. I think I've been super hormonal lately an that doesn't help hearing people talk crap.