Help my friend

Jessica • My name is Jessica. I am married. We have a 9year old son and a daughter who is 2!
I am not sure where to put this post but I do know how awesome glow is because it helped me have my beautiful daughter and the people that are on it to support you. 
So with that being said. My friend was In a horrible motorcycle accident Thursday night and he just got a new job so he doesn't have insurance yet. He has two beautiful daughters that I am the proud godmother of. He has so much damage I can't even post the picture up I have of him it's that bad. I can say is that he has multiple surgeries ahead and the family had to put the kids in day care and that is costly. I set up a donation page my goal is to hit 100,00 if anyone can find it in there heart to even donate a dollar please email me so I can send you the page to donate for a great cause. My email is or you can leave your email. I will keep checking my post!!