Glow moved my fertile window :|

Abigail • Miracle baby 2016, hoping for one more miracle ❤️✨
When I first joined glow, it said my fertile window would start right after my period (2 days after, I have a 25 day cycle). Then when I input my data from the precious cycle, it pushed it back to where my previous app had put it (ovulation around day 16). THEN I put in my data for today after only having sex once 2 days ago (according to the schedule I had plenty of time) and now it's telling me my most fertile day should have been YESTERDAY and today is an "ok" day (but we didn't have sex) and tomorrow is back down to a low percentage. Ugh! Been TTC 2 years but busy life & schedule, not to mention hubby's relatively low libido, have made it very difficult. Anyone else find that fertile days fall on the LEAST CONVENIENT DAYS of your life? Seems like the universe is conspiring to prevent my pregnancy :/