my heart feels so sad... ugh, sometimes I just wanna give up😔

This month was my first time using opks and I got soooo excited to see my peak on the 24th! I had no idea that I would ovulate earlier than what all of my apps predicted. I felt so positive! 
Of course I broke down and became the POAS addict that I am, and have been testing since 6dpo, CD 23. (The only symptom I've been having is seriously increased amount of thin lotiony cm) 
My cycle is always 33-34 days long so AF is due on the 12th, which puts me at 11 dpo today with 7 days left until AF. 
I got what really looked like a faint positive yesterday with fmu, but today my test looked negative or possibly a vvvvvvfl. Either way, I'm driving myself mad and I feel so discouraged. 
Is it possible I'm testing too early still? Or at 11 dpo should I have a darker line if I'm truly pregnant? 
Some advice would really be appreciated, ladies...
Anyone have a similar cycle and have a bfp story they can share with me?