I'm so so so nervous :(

Amber • Just Living life with my honey :)
So I'm getting married in May. My fiancé is MAKING me say vowels. He wants us to say them, and I'm so nervous. We're a young couple  19 and he's 21 and have a lot of friends. ALL of our family and friends are going to be there over 200 people. I'm shy, I don't like to talk about my feelings that much, it took my fiancé 2 years just to get to let me feelings out to him. How am i suppose to say my feelings out loud infront of 200 people? I'm so nervous it's litterly driving me insane. When I was in high school I didn't even like walking into class late because everyone always stared. I'm not shy around people or anything I'm good at making friends and stuff it's just saying my deep personal feelings infront of everyone? And my fiance will not take no for a answer :( p.s he's very open about his feelings to me and doesn't care so he has no problems. Help :(