Taking advantage.. Rant


I find it so irritating and rude when people mistake your kindness for weakness, taking advantage of the situation. I had met another single mother through my daughters school. She was currently pregnant at the time and didn't have a carseat. I go out of my way asking pretty much everyone I know if they or anyone they know could help me out in getting her a carseat. She was a week from her due date and had him a few days later. I'm able to come across a brand new, never used that I just had handed to me. She was having a boy and it would have worked perfect for a boy. Long story short, I know I did my part but my blood can't help but boil just a little bit that I have never seen her use that carseat. Mind the fact, IDK if it's being used in a second vehicle, but I doubt it. I've also let her borrow a couple of my daughters DVDs for her daughter to watch, telling me she was going to be back in town that following Monday.. So in about three days. I see all the time on facebook she's been here and she's been there and she has to drive by my town. She was even just in town today, but where is my daughters movies???!! That was nearly 2 1/2 months ago.

(Sorry, I don't really know what category to put this in)