please help me

Tonight I did something stupid. I went to a strangers house. He raped me. I said no I said stop I tried to push him off of me but he easily over powered me. How do I tell my boyfriend of 6 and a half months? Both of our number one reasons for ever leaving the other is cheating. 
Edit:: I feel like i deserved it. The guy is 11 years older than me. When I went there I told him I'm in a relationship I'm happy I just want to hangout that's it. Before I know it his hands are down my pants and he's eating me out and I tell him to stop i close my legs and he forces them back open saying just let me taste you that's it. He did. I told him no. That we need to stop and he wouldn't stop I tried to get away he held my legs and wouldn't let me move. I finally got him off of me and he said let me feel how tight your pussy is with my dick and I said no I can't do that I'm not comfortable please stop. He forced himself into me. I kicked him in the side of the neck and he stopped I put my clothes on and said can we please just watch the movie. We're siting there watching the movie and before I know it his hand is in my hair and he's forcing me to suck him off. I told him no I want to stop I can't do this. He made me. I kept trying to stop and he would say come on I'm about to cum. Then he would force my head back down there. I kept telling him I need to go home it's late and he wouldn't let me. He tried to finger me again and I held my legs shut and told him I have to leave now I need to get home. Then he finally let me leave.