Too lazy/don't have energy

I'm going to try to keep this short, my boyfriend was out of a job for about a year so he had unemployment till he found a job ofc that only lasted for 6 months anyways we got our power cut off and the bill was fairly high we made a few payments but couldn't pay the rest cuz we didn't have money to live off on, so the power cut off back in June and none of his family would help a little so that we can have a head start, we had to suffer and ran extension cords from his grandparents to our bedroom, we carry buckets of water to and from their house so we can use it to flush the toilet, this has been going on for about 7-8 months I thought we would never make it through, he'll never get hired cuz Everytime he applied somewhere nothing would happen I lost all hope and felt like nothing is going to get better I had a negative mind. so he applied at this company that works for at&t and he got a call the next few weeks and they did a phone interview with him and they had him come in for an orientation and drug test . he got the job! And I was so happy and relieved cuz finally we can pay the power and water bill . now while all the struggling was going on ofc we had no water so the dishes are piled up and I just feel embarrassed cuz I am not a dirty person just hard when you have no water. So now I gotta get this place clean may take sometime but I'm going to do it. I'll be having help so atleast I don't have to do it alone. I wanted to share this because if I can get through the struggle so can you!! never give up because something good will happen you just have to wait for the right time :). PS. I been feeling really tired lately like all I want to do is sleep, not motivated to do anything ugh