Booking appointment (UK): Eggs, Goats Cheese & Hair Dye

Hi all 
So had my booking appointment with the midwife today. I'm either 8 weeks plus 2 or 8 weeks plus 5 (I paid for an early scan last Friday to put my mind at ease!). 
Lots of form filling and paperwork! Was expecting to to be 1.5 hrs and wasn't far off! Also had blood taken and BMI and BP checked. 
I'm surprised at some of the answers she had for my questions and wondered what anyone else thought!
I asked about certain foods for example goats cheese... apparently this is ok if pasteurised and ok if cooked (on a pizza for example) which is good news as I'm going to pizza express for valentines tomorrow!! 
Also asked about eggs and she said I can have runny eggs!!! As long as the egg has the red British lion stamp which means it's safe. I asked several times to check this and yes I can have a dippy egg as long as lion mark on there!!! 
Finally... I asked about dying my hair as I dye my roots brown every 8 weeks or so with a shop bought hair dye - Lorel Casting. From what I read it said no hair dye due to the chemicals getting into my blood and affecting baby. BUT she said yes I can dye my hair but because of hormones the colour may come out slightly different or my skin may be more sensitive.... no concerns for the baby at all... THOUGHTS???
First pregnancy, ever so a tad anxious!!! I'm 31. 
x X x