Cannot Get Pregnant!

My husband and I have casually tried getting pregnant for going on five years. We finally got pregnant in June of 2016, only to go to my first appointment to be told our baby was dead. After months of heartache I started taking meds to help with my anovulation, and timed perfectly our intercourse, and still nothing! I am now on day 40 of my cycle, but had a blood test on Friday showing I am not pregnant. I am all but giving up at this point. My faith and my husband keep me sane. I am thankful for the child I do have, for certain! I thank god every day for my son. I just wish I could give my husband a child of his own, give my son a sibling, and give myself one last little angel. Not to mention three of my sisters have given birth within the last five months! Thanks for letting me vent. I needed this. Blessings to everyone!