Valentine's Day! ❤️? 💔?

Flower Babe🦊 • 24. Spread smiles. Dancing with Mary Jane.
So I've been with my boyfriend for a while now and I've been dying to spend Valentine's Day with him. But he hasn't mentioned anything about it. I asked him last week and he said "well honestly, Valentine's Day is just about how much much money a man is going to spend  on a girl so she doesn't get upset". I'm not sure what he means. But I still never got an answer if we were going to have plans. I bought him a gift and I really want to give it to him and spend Valentine's Day with him, but I'm not sure if he wants to and it's really bugging me, but I also don't want to nag on him about it. I don't want to seem like a needy girlfriend because I just want to have a special night with him. And I'm really not asking for anything in return, except just to spend Valentine's Day with him. I don't know if I should give him the gift or just see what happens. Any suggestions, ideas?