Am I terrible?

My fiancé has a close friend named John (changed his name for the story) who has a fairly new girlfriend who he has been dating for about 3 months. Let's call her Kate. 
Okay. Kate has a child from a previous relationship who she doesn't see, doesn't really make much of an effort to see, makes excuses not to see etc. but posts on social media about how terrible her first child's dad is because he "won't let her see her kid" but I'm around her enough to know that's not true based off of this. And the reason why she is not legally the custodial parent, the ex is bc the child was removed from her via social services. There are many other details I will not take the time to explain unless someone has a question about something. 
Recently she found out she is pregnant. 😩 
She's happy and so is John. 
Truthfully I cannot feel happy for them when that poor older child is sitting over at her dads house wondering why her mom doesn't bother! My fiancé says I'm wrong for that. Am I? 

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