❤ Thank you all! ❤

Hello, I posted the post about being depressed but I untimently deleted it because she got on and started bullying other people. But to everyone who had kind words, thank you. You all were right! I shouldn't let a troll like her get to me. I shouldn't give in to such a weak minded bully. Thank you all for your kind words, that was very sweet of you all. I hope she stops telling people to kill themselves because not everyone is that strong. I hope she stops the name calling, and the bullying. If she does, she deserves everything bad that comes to her. How dare she bully me, but how dare I give in. Never again will I let someone like her get to me. Your kind words has given me hope to move on. I know there are people who care about others and that makes me smile through my tears. I've read all the comments, you all (besides her), are amazing people. I will try to push through, and I hope our paths cross again. I wish to be all of your friends (besides her). Again, thank you all so, so much! ❤