Steroid Shots

I 'm 31.5 weeks and doctor noticed a few weeks ago that baby is underweight and baby's belly is measuring 2 weeks behind. After being told that the placenta isn't providing her with what she needs I was told that I for sure wouldn't make it to 40 weeks because of the risk of baby being delivered still born. They requested to see me weekly instead of biweekly and last week he noticed that now there are multiple parts of the placenta that has already began to die. Today I received my first steroid shot to help with the development of baby's lungs and tomorrow I go in for my second. They're thinking of taking her at 35weeks unless more spots began to die and/or if her weight began a to decrease, then they will induce sooner. 
Remaining positive but all of this kind of has me feeling down.. I understand that it's important that her lungs develop more before she comes but I can't help but feel like I'll rather them take her now considering everything that's going on rather than waiting.
Anyone else dealing with this or know someone who has?