pls answer me this

C. 🥀🌈🤞
Right me and my boyfriend recently moved in together and he was the one who asked me to try for a baby. Which I'm so up for, I love him to bits and I know he does me too. But.. I just want honest answers seeing As this should be our "honeymoon period" just
 Moving jn together, house to ourself kinda thing. We only have sex about twice a week. I don't wanna feel like a pest and he does work really hard everyday. 7am-5pm scaffolder. Takes me out for dinner, treats me buys me things I'm not saying he doesn't. But I've told him we may need to rethink our options about trying for a baby if we can only have sex twice a week how is he gonna feel about a baby waking him up 4 times a night. Am I out of order for saying this??? 😟