Am I overthinking? or should I just shut up and be grateful?

I'm 10 weeks pregnant (as of tomorrow) and since I've found out I was pregnant 6 weeks ago, I wasn't able to eat for weeks, I was losing mad weight and living off of water and canned soup every few days, today, I ate an entire Half a sub, and didn't throw it up, I was able to actually eat. Now, I'm freaking out 😂 idk if it's normal or not, I haven't been to the doctor yet for my first prenatal visit, I'm still feeling pregnancy symptoms but I'm scared. Would it be stupid of me to go to the hospital after work and make something up just to see if the baby is still there? No bleeding, but ramping every now and then like if I lay down on my stomach at night time I get up in the morning with slight cramps for a few minutes. Don't judge just advice please
Update: This baby amazes me 😭 just when I felt proud, I start throwing up and getting dizzy all over again. My chocolate chip might just be letting me know it's still there 🙈