I'm finding this so difficult

Ruth • 38, ttc #2
Hello everyone. I'm so sad. I have followed posts for months and months now but this is my first own post. I just need to vent on here, no one needs to respond, or even read... but I'm hoping it will make me feel even a little better. I'm 32 (33 in 3 weeks) and TTC no.1. I have never been pregnant and feel like I never will. I appreciate some people have tried for many many months more and so I hope I don't seem insensitive. My period came (again) yesterday and my husband found me crying on the bathroom floor. I have cried every day this week. My Best friend told me she was pregnant (first month trying) and it has broken me. Her first time trying... yet here I am with OPKs, no alcohol, vitamins, no sugar, Acupuncture. Reflexology, about to start hypnotherapy. It just isn't fair and I feel a bad person for struggling more and more to feel happy for others. When will it be my turn 😢 good luck to all you other ladies trying too xxx