So last night I didn't sleep at all because LO was so crabby. I had the worst headache so I asked my husband if he could watch her for a little bit while I got some sleep. Well he tried to wake me up I guess and I didn't wake up and baby was still sleeping but he got mad at me because he didn't get to go to the gun range. Then has the nerve to look at me and say how tired he is mind you he doesn't wake up with her at night. So when I just looked at him he got mad and yelled at me. Wtf I'm tired he sleeps right up until the time he goes to work and then says that maybe I should do some stuff around the house instead of taking a nap during the day. Lately our LO has been really fussy after she had a blood transfusion so I have only had a couple hours each night. I absolutely adore my husband and he does help with her but not when it comes to sleep time