Valentine's Babe

So at exactly midnight on Feb 14th I woke up to some strange stomach pains. I've had a baby before and knew that this pain wasn't right. I was hoping it was the position I was laying and I tried to move; when that didn't help I awoke my husband and told him today might be the big day. He is a teacher so he immidiately requested for a substitute and I decided to take a shower to mainly calm my nerves. That's when the contractions started. I was contracting every three minutes so I asked my husband to take me to labor and delivery. The moment we got there I explained everything and they got me hooked up to the monitors. I was only dilated to a three and 50% effaced so disappointed I figured they were going to send me home. About a half hour later the nurse comes in looking nervous and told me that my baby's heart rate was dipping but it wasn't anything to worry about; she said she wanted to keep me for a little longer just to keep an eye on things. She told me she would be back
In thirty minutes. Not even five minutes later the nurse comes back in and looks even more worried. (I sent my husband home to be with our 2 year old) the nurse told me to get my husband here because the baby was coming today. I thought hooray I get my Valentine's babe; but things got scary fast. They wouldn't tell me what was going on; next thing I know I'm filling out forms left and right and hear them mention a possible c section. I'm thinking no way this baby is doctor ends up walking in takes one glance at the monitor and doesn't even hesitate and sends me to O.R. 2. I'm scared to death; mainly because nobody could tell me what was happening. My doctor sees the concern and tells me the baby is in destress and needs to get out. The staff did an amazing job and they had my baby out in 30 minutes. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have PTSD and be scared to have another baby. But looking back I am very thankful things weren't worse; and baby was just fine in the end. Her cord was around her neck but she was breathing and is a happy healthy baby. 
She is the greatest gift anyone could have given me.
Sorry for the really long post!
Meet Mabel :) born emergency c section Feb 14