Lust or love..Leave?

 Pulling into his driveway his friends come out of his house excited to see him & my boyfriend goes "Go inside dude I was just about to get some head"🤔He's always taking off my clothes the moment we enter in his room.. he tells me he loves me but this seems more like lust. He even said he gets the two mixed up. He gets mad when I don't wanna give him head, he'll go "Why are you being such a bitch".. As my stupidity & blindness by love got to me I unfortunately gave him what he wanted & it  always ends up like that. He's literally so hard headed to talk to. I tell him how I feel but like I said he's pretty hard headed to get through. I love the sex but there are times when I want to feel like I'm used for more than just that. He says we don't communicate & don't really know each other .. probably because all he wants to do is have sex🙄But the cuddles & the sleeps with him is what blinds me.. & the presents he'll get me for holidays. We literally broke up for a day because I couldn't buy him a $200 pair of shoes 🙄Sorry I get paid $9 an hr & only work part time & have bill to pay. He knows that too. I just feel I mostly go out of my way but I'm too dumb to let go.