should I go off on her or leave it alone

So my boyfriend posted a picture that said snapchat me and the picture was a selfie, and beilive me I got pissed at my boyfriend for even posting that bc nobody n eds to be posting that if there in a relationship. But some girl commented"😍😍😍😍😍😩😩😩 and "you left me on read "and so I commented yeah because he has girlfriend bitch and I tagged her so she knew I was talking to her and then my boyfriend deleted the picture and he told me it was jacked up for calling her out . My boyfriend is the type of person who hates conflicts so I kinda felt bad for commenting it but at the same time like if you knew he had a gf why comment that shit and oh I went on her profile and in her bio it has this emojiπŸ”’so she's in relationship as well , and I know my bf isn't going there and cheating because he's with me 24/7 . And I was happy That he kept that bitches ass on read .should I message her or should I keep it to myself and if happens again then message herΒ