Help please.

Hello all the mommies that have 3 or more kids. Im mother of 3 .. on monday on president day I feel super guilty and bad mom. My other 2 kids had no school and my brother dog who is just dont listen or just crazy.. anywho I was putting my baby for nap and then she wakes up and she always go back to boob and falls asleep.. now that she has to front bottom teeth she bit so hard that I tap her in mouth very softly and I said no and she is resentful and now she wants to be to hold her in my arms and walk her or sit down and rock her she doesnt want to take my boob for nap times.. I have been crying and guilty but I also cant let her bite me when those little teeth are sharp.. I dont if she teething again or whats going on.. how can I help her to get back on the boobs or for her to stop the biting.. how can I cope this.. Im not ready to wean her off niether is she .. please help and please dont judge or no hateful comment