Recommended book for husband

Hayley • 31 years old. MMC in August 2016 at 13 weeks. My rainbow baby, Milo Wild, was born 8/30/17! 🌈 Currently TTC
My husband seems to be struggling with my pregnancy. At the beginning he was great, but now at almost 13 weeks he's started to make off hand snarky comments about me being tired and him doing everything around the house. I was wondering if there are any particular books that you'd recommend I buy and ask him to read or look through. I try to explain just how tired I am (currently 6:26pm and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open to type this) but I don't think he really knows what women go through in pregnancy. I work 10 hour days in an infant room at a child care center and get home and am just so exhausted I can barely function. Today he got mad because I asked him to make me a quasadilla 10 minutes before he originally said he was going to make dinner. I just don't know how else to explain pregnancy to him. Any insight or recommendations would be really great.