Weird, opened the app this morning and saw a lot of posts about infertility and blocked/ damaged Fallopian tubes. Reading everyone's post gave me the urge to write. My husband and I have recently started seeing a reproductive/ fertility Dr. as a woman, you never think that something serious could be wrong. I went in 2 weeks ago to have, what we thought, my left Fallopian tube unblocked. Only to find out it is "sick". Next step is a labrascopy to see if it must be removed. As I lay on the procedure table I begin to cry. The Dr. Talked to me and calmed me down. To most this may be good news. As we may have more of an understanding what is preventing me of getting pregnant, but to me, at this point, I feel damaged. My husband has been very supportive. We meet with the Dr. This coming Monday to go over everything. I am looking forward to this visit, as I hope we are one step closer to being blessed with a child. 
Wish you all the best.